The staff and faculty highly recommend that prospective applicants and their family tour the facility before submitting an application for admission.

Applications can be obtained from the admissions representative during your tour or by Applying Online.  If you prefer to print your application you may download it here.

Applications are to be submitted by mail to one of the following addresses:

Advanced Welding Institute                     
2 Green Tree Drive, Suite 3
South Burlington, VT 05403
Attn: Admissions

(Wisconsin applicants)
Advanced Welding Institute of Wisconsin
8090 Hwy 17 S., Eagle River, WI 54521

Phone 715.337.0122
Fax: 715.337.0121

Only completed and signed applications accompanied by a 100 word essay explaining why the applicant would like to attend the school, letter of reference, high school transcript or G.E.D and $20.00 application fee will be considered. If you are applying online, please send your letter of eferene, high school transcript or G.E.D and $20.00 application fee to the adress above.

Upon acceptance for admission, the applicant will be mailed all necessary enrollment forms to be completed and returned by designated due date before he/she will be considered enrolled.

An interview with the Financial Aid Office will be required for all applicants whether applying for Title IV or private funding and a financial plan must be completed once enrolled.

In the event that there are no vacancies in the applicant’s first program choice, a letter will be mailed to the applicant informing them of their status and available options. Current options available are as follows:

  • Applicant will be placed on a waiting list for a cancellation,
  • Applicant will be placed in the next available class, or
  • Any funds the school has received will be returned to the applicant and the application will be terminated.


Advanced Welding Institute does not participate in Ability-to-Benefit programs therefore; all applicants must have a high school diploma or GED by commencement of classes. Applicants should have no disabilities (including eyesight) which could prevent the proper use of equipment or hinder the safety of themselves or others. Applicants should have the ability to understand and communicate with others in English.

A completed admissions application along with a personal essay and reference letter are required before the enrollment process begins.

Advanced Welding Institute is an equal opportunity educator.